SVOLT HEV battery attracts wide attention on CIBF in Shenzhen


On March 19, sponsored by China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association, "the 14th China International Battery Fair" opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, this exhibition is particularly eye-catching, and the major battery companies have shown their advantage products. In the past two years, SVOLT, a new force, has rapidly become the forefront of the power battery industry, and also participated in the exhibition with all its products, which attracted wide attention. In particular, the first HEV battery developed by SVOLT was very popular in the exhibition, which fully showed SVOLT's deep insight into the development trend of the industry.

Move fast and hard, grab the HEV market historic opportunities

The technician of SVOLT for the first time introduces the HEV cell on the exhibition. The product is a 5.2Ah pouch cell with the power density of up to 6500W/kg and energy density of 112Wh/kg, with a cycle life of up to 35,000 times under RT 3C/3C 30-80% SOC conditions. Its high and low temperature performance, charge and discharge rate performance are better than other competing products in the industry, such as under 25℃ and 50%SOC condition,10s peak charge rate and power can reach 50C and 1100W, and peak discharge rate and power can reach 80C and 1200W. Under minus 35℃ and 50%SOC condition,10s peak discharge rate and power can reach 20C and 248W, respectively. Cold start power (-35℃,30%SOC,2s)BOL can reach 140W. Long-term cycle performance and calendar life have reached the highest level in the industry. In general, 5.2Ah pouch cell is an excellent product with high safety, long cycle life and high power density.

In addition, the HEV pack adopts the pouch large module integration technology, which has a higher system integration level than similar products in the industry. It can also used in the whole regional temperature range of -35-60℃, and cold starting in extremely cold conditions requires no hot car, which is far beyond the customer experience of fuel vehicles. The battery pack adopts integrated BMS, with SOC accuracy up to 3%, which can achieve ASIL C function safety level, and has functions such as UDS, OBDII, FOTA upgrades, etc.

The data is much more intuitive. The global sales of HEV in 2019 was about 3.07 million, up 18% year on year. In 2020, the sales of HEV in China alone has reached 414,000, a sharp increase of 40% year on year. Industry institution expects more than 10.6 million HEV to be sold globally by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of up to 25, with Europe and China the main growth regions. The strong development of HEV will promote the rapid growth of HEV battery demand, with some institutions predicting that the market space for HEV batteries could reach 60 billion CNY in 2025.

Research and development is a long-term work. In fact, SVOLT has noticed the huge potential of HEV market very early and decisively marched into the HEV market. On September 18, 2020, SVOLT HEV pack successfully passed the factory audit of ECER100.02 at one time, laying a solid foundation for the later products to successfully obtain E-mark certification and enter the overseas market. Now the outbreak trend of HEV market has appeared. The rapid development of SVOLT shows its accurate assessment and response to the market development trend.

Install base increased rapidly, develop pragmatically to catch up the top3 in the industry

In addition to HEV products, SVOLT's cobalt-free battery also received a lot of attention on CIBF. As a pioneer of cobalt-free battery R&D, SVOLT's cobalt-free battery has formed a series of product design layout of two major platforms. SVOLT has exhibited its VDA and MEB products, and 4 products including L6 long cell. According to the previously announced plan, the Cobalt-free battery of SVOLT will be mass produced around June this year. At the beginning of last month, the core material of Cobalt-free battery, Cobalt-free cathode material has come off the production line in SVOLT Changzhou factory. It can be said that the mass production of Cobalt-free battery is just around the corner.

In addition, SVOLT also exhibited cylindrical battery for the light electric vehicle market. According to the technician, SVOLT will apply the battery of automotive standard quality to light vehicles to improve vehicle safety.