SVOLT, Tsinghua University, Team up to Design Safe Battery


BAODING, CHINA/BEIJING, July 22, 2019-SVOLT Energy Technology Co. Ltd and Battery Safety Laboratory of Tsinghua University, led by Professor Ouyang Minggao, held a signing ceremony of cooperation agreement, announcing that the two sides would conduct in-depth collaborative research on the early warning and management system to deal with the thermal runaway of batteries. This collaboration aims to provide effective solutions to the two problems that have long plagued the industry, thermal runaway of batteries and thermal propagation of systems, thus improving the safety of electric vehicles.

The attendees of the signing ceremony include:

Mr. Ouyang Minggao, fellow of Chinese Academy of Engineering, professor at Tsinghua University and head of the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy

Mr. Li Jianqiu, Party secretary of School of Vehicle and Mobility at Tsinghua University

Mr. Yang Fuyuan, associate dean of School of Vehicle and Mobility at Tsinghua University

Mr. Wei Jianjun, Chairman of Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd,

Mr. Tang Haifeng, President of SVOLT Group

Mr. Yang Hongxin, General Manager of SVOLT Energy Technology Co. Ltd