Upgrade the entire short blade series to fast charge SVOLT launched products with fast charge of 2.2-5C in the 4th battery day


On December 12, the 4th SVOLT Battery Day with the theme of "Let there be Light" was successfully held in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. Hundreds of attendees from the local government, OEMs, supply chain enterprises, investors and mainstream media witnessed SVOLT's strategic upgrades.

In anticipation of increasing demands from comprehensive electrification and upgrading, as well as challenges posed by temporary oversupply beyond 2024, SVOLT announced its SVOLT Strategy 2024 at this year's Battery Day. The SVOLT Strategy encompasses the product leadership strategy, SVOLT speed service strategy and AI intelligent manufacturing strategy.

As a crucial part of product leadership strategy, SVOLT introduced the concept of "Full Scenario Short Blade and Comprehensive Evolution", aiming to meet diverse requirements in the BEV, PHEV, commercial vehicles, and energy storage segments. Notably, SVOLT presented the world's first upgraded fast charge products across the full range of short blade for passenger vehicles, covering all application scenarios from 2.2C to 5C.Regarding by implementing the SVOLT speed service strategy, SVOLT focuses on customers, committed to furnishing them with swift and just-in-time services. Furthermore, AI intelligent manufacturing strategy, SVOLT has set its sights on tackling the top ten challenges that are impeding the smart manufacturing of lithium batteries. In pursuit of this objective, SVOLT will collaborate with partners to accelerate the application of AI, thereby releasing intelligent productivity in lithium battery production and enhancing production efficiency and yield.

Full scenario short blade + full-range fast charge put SVOLT products at industry forefront

In 2021, SVOLT Chairman and CEO Yang Hongxin announced that the company would concentrate on full scenario short blade to cover all product sizes from L300 to L600 and charging ranges from 1.6C to 4C. Fast forward two years, SVOLT has transitioned its strategic layout to a new phase of comprehensive upgrading.

As electrification advances, consumer pain point has shifted from range anxiety to charging anxiety, making fast charge a non- negotiable demand in the market. At the 4th Battery Day, SVOLT unveiled various short blade fast charge offerings, signifying the commencement of the new era of "Full Scenario Short Blade and Comprehensive Evolution". SVOLT has achieved the milestone of becoming the first battery company in the world to offer short blade-based 2.2C to 5C fast charge products. These short blade fast charge cells cater to the needs of all passenger and commercial vehicles available on the market.

"The combination of short blade and fast charge provides a more effective solution for the battery performance demands of PHEV and BEV." Yang Hongxin noted that as the trend shifts to high voltage products for electric vehicles, cell capacity is evolving towards 100~150Ah. With this in mind, SVOLT's short blade fast charge batteries outperform conventional ones in terms of volume utilization rate, recycling, and safety. In addition, they offer exceptional compatibility and suitability, making them a superior choice for CTC design.

As the price of electric vehicles approaches that of their combustion counterparts, fierce competition has been observed in the PHEV segment. According to statistics, PHEV may account for nearly 50% of all new energy vehicles sold in the next three years.

Based on “fly stacking + short blade”, SVOLT has established an unmatched comprehensive product portfolio within the PHEV segment. SVOLT has responded to the three pivotal trends of lithium iron, fast charge, and extended range in the PHEV segment by introducing its 2nd generation PHEV cells. It has comprehensively upgraded its best-selling 62Ah, 90Ah and 117Ah products to deliver a 2.2C fast charge capability, with upgraded performance without cost impact.

Furthermore, it unveiled the world’s first LFP battery with an extended range exceeding 300km and the world’s first NCM battery for HEV, featuring an extended range surpassing 350km, world’s first dragon armor NCM short blade cell as well as the world’s first 800-V fast charge PHEV cell to further meet the 45KWh~65KWh configuration of B-class, C-class SUV and MPV PHEV model needs.

The comprehensive upgrade with SVOLT's 2nd-gen PHEV battery will drive popular vehicle models towards fast charge in 2024, further solidifying SVOLT’s leading position in the PHEV market segment.

In the BEV segment, SVOLT introduced two Short Blade LFP fast chargie cells, namely L400 and L600, boasting capacities of 105Ah, 130Ah and 133Ah respectively, and supporting a charge rate of up to 4C. As per the plan, the L600 Short Blade fast charge cells will cater to 3C to 4C scenarios, with mass production set to start in Q3, 2024. On the other hand, the L400 offerings will address 4C and higher rate scenarios to meet demands of mainstream 800V high voltage vehicles, with mass production anticipated in Q4, 2024.

For the segment of commercial vehicles, SVOLT purposefully developed products for both commercial and passenger vehicles, and for both commercial vehicles and energy storage. Notably, SVOLT has launched the world's first short blade battery for both commercial and passenger vehicles, and the world's first commercial vehicle short blade standard box. Building upon this commercial vehicle short blade cells, SVOLT debuted the world's pioneering integrated commercial and energy storage battery pack - basalt. Basalt adopts extremely safe short blade cells and features higher integration, reducing cost by slashing about 15% of parts and components. It successfully passed the nail penetration test without emitting any fire or smoke. Also, it allows intelligent energy allocation based on practical scenarios, which means that mainstream OEMs and energy storage providers can exchange their products under specific application scenarios.

For energy storage applications, SVOLT engineered a safer solution based on fly stacking and Short Blade technology. It unveiled the upgraded fly stacking Short Blade energy storage cells, including the size-unchanged yet system-upgraded 350Ah cell, the thicker 710Ah cell has the advantages of high capacity and low cost, and alongside the 310Ah, 330Ah and 660Ah cells with extended life spans, and the world’s first 6Mwh-20ft container.

As for the cutting-edge technology layout, SVOLT launches the world’s first sodium-ion battery that can ensure 350km+ driving range and the world’s first short blade energy storage sodium-ion batteries, which have already finished all the reliable tests with outstanding low-temperature performance advantages.

Furthermore, SVOLT revamped its jelly battery to the 2nd generation, presenting the world’s first prismatic semisolid batteries, which apply second generation of jelly electrolyte technology and integrated composite positive electrode technology. The product breaks the bottleneck of swelling and high nickel and silicon mixed system in prismatic medium. A sample is currently under development.

AI intelligent manufacturing + SVOLT speed service ensure a fast response to market demands

Amidst the significant trend towards comprehensive electrification, SOVOLT needs robust manufacturing capabilities and customer-focused rapid services to satisfy the downstream market's ever-changing demands and enable full evolution of products.

At this year's Battery Day, SVOLT outpaced its peers by championing the application of AI within the industry. SVOLT has forged strategic partnerships with Intel, Siemens, Rockwell, Tsinghua University, Estun, China Telecom, and Octopus AI, establishing the "Alliance for Releasing Intelligent Productivity in Lithium Battery Production". The alliance aims to promote the application and deployment of big data, high computing power, and large models in the intelligent manufacturing of lithium batteries.

At the R&D end, SVOLT presented the first application of large models within the new energy industry. It adopts large general-purpose model in combination with specific lithium battery model for sample generation, intelligent tagging, and general development, thus effectively empowering the R&D and production of lithium batteries.

At the production end, SVOLT and Tsinghua University jointly developed the "smart" algorithm, which can make intelligent predictions on the electrode performance and world-leading predictions on cell capacity, as well as AI-based intelligent selection on cells.

SVOLT intends to increase the overall production yield across all production lines to over 99%, enhance labor efficiency by 60%, and achieve an overall equipment efficiency (OEE) of over 80%. SVOLT will verify AI applications in its production capacity and share successful experience with the entire industry to assist enterprises in transforming and upgrading.

According to the plan, SVOLT will implement AI to empower over 100 scenarios in EV battery production. To date, it has succeeded in more than 30 scenarios.

Regarding SVOLT speed service, SVOLT will remain committed to placing customers at the center, staying in touch with customers, and responding to customer demands swiftly with enhanced quality of both products and services.

Building on the product leadership strategy of "Full Scenario Short Blade and Comprehensive Evolution" announced at the 4th Battery Day, plus its AI intelligent manufacturing advantages and SVOLT speedy service strategy, SVOLT is poised to keep up with the rapid product evolution of downstream customers in every aspect of production, products, and services. It will continue to iterate its short blade products to suit customers' differentiated demands in each market segment.

In the future, SVOLT will utilize the scale advantage of full scenario short blade to cut production and R&D costs and better equip itself for the forthcoming intense competition.