Standard Innovation

Set New Standards for Automotive-standard and Intelligent AI Manufacturing Factory

SVOLT has taken the lead in building the industry's first automotive-standard AI intelligent battery factory in Jintan, Jiangsu Province, and has set a stringent standard for battery manufacturing in the industry. Phase Ⅰ&Ⅱ of Jintan factory have been put into operation in November 2019 and December 2020 respectively, leading the industry significantly in several aspects such as cleanliness, foreign matter control, and automation.

  • Process Control

    Testing Data Self-learning

  • Intelligent Quality Control

    Automatic Detection and
    Improved Accuracy

  • Process Development Control

    Product Performance Prediction

  • Equipment Control

    Malfunction Warning and
    Automatic Analysis

  • Supply Chain Demand Control

    Demand Analysis Based on Big Data

  • ntelligent Logistics Control

    Real-time Optimization and
    Unmanned Management