• Environment protection

    As a member of the new energy industry and a practitioner of environmental sustainability, SVOLT is committed to taking continuous and effective environmental actions in all aspects of production and operations to minimize the impact on environment. SVOLT uses advanced technology to continuously improve energy and resource utilization and is committed to developing clean energy to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions. The Company is actively using solar energy and other clean energy sources, and is cooperating with Southern Power Grid to build a photovoltaic power plant on top of the company's buildings. The capacity of PhaseⅠis 40,000 kVA, and the prospective capacity will be 90,000 kVA (40,000 kVA + 50,000 kVA). The PV plant will further improve the company's clean energy utilization after it comes into operation.

  • Solid Waste Management

    The domestic waste is collected and disposed by the sanitation department. Cathode pole pieces, aluminum foil, anode pole pieces, copper foil, diaphragm waste, endplate waste, defective products, etc., waste metal dust and solid powder generated during the production process will be sold out. NMP waste liquid is a general solid waste and will be collected and disposed by the supplier. Waste cell liquid, laboratory waste liquid, distillation residue, waste activated carbon, waste heat transfer oil, waste forklift battery, waste reagent bottle, waste resin, waste electrolyte, waste wipe, dust-free cloth, waste DMC, waste glue, waste hydraulic oil and waste gear oil are hazardous solid waste, which will be disposed by qualified hazardous waste disposal unit through contract. The dust, sludge, waste filter cartridges, waste product packaging, waste filter cotton and cathode waste slurry will be properly disposed by relevant organization.

    All solid wastes will be disposed reasonably after sorting and there will be no secondary pollution.